Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Eyeko Mascara is Back!

After reading a post in one of my favorite blogs, filthy gorgeous makeup, I decided it was time to try Eyeko Big Eyes mascara. When I went to the Eyeko website to check it out, they had just announced that it would be unavailable due to product redesign. Earlier this week, Eyeko launched a line of mascaras which appears to be a similar formula, but now you have a choice of three different brush designs.

Eyeko Skinny SKINNY BRUSH Mascara for instantly enhanced, luscious lashes for BIG EYES. With evenly dispersed bristles to coat and separate lashes whilst maximizing length. Our highly pigmented black formula combines natural oils and waxes with pro-vitamin B to condition and promote lash growth. Lashes feel soft and supple with amazing hold. Colour doesn’t crumble or flake!

Eyeko FAT BRUSH Mascara for instantly enhanced,  volumised lashes for BIG EYES. The super sized brush with dense bristles coats and extends lashes for maximum volume. Our fibre-enriched formula boosts and nourishes lashes with a rich Keratin formula.  Lashes are visibly extended and feel fuller but stay lifted.

Eyeko CURVY BRUSH Mascara for instantly enhanced, doll-like lashes for BIG EYES. The multi-action brush with tiered bristle clusters is designed to plump, define and curl lashes. Featuring a superior curling formula with Shea Butter and Keratin for a conditioned, inky lash fringe that boosts and holds the curl.

The Skinny Brush mascara appears to be the most similar, if not the same, as the original.  Each tube of mascara includes the "eyeko shield" which looks like a guitar pick and can be held behind lashes so there is no smudging. I think I will be ordering the skinny brush mascara first and possibly the curvy brush as well.

Have you tried any of the redesigned Eyeko Mascaras or the original?

If you plan on ordering mascara or any other Eyeko products at their website enter the following 6-digit code to recieve a free gift with purchase.

Eyeko Code:  E17852

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Magnetic Manicure?!?

I was browsing the Sephora website when I came across magnetic nail polish from the Nails Inc. London brand they just started carrying.  Has anyone tried this new magnetic polish trend? The polishes are not available for shipping yet but I will definitely be trying them when they are. Now the only question is which shade?

Trafalgar Square

(Courtesy of Sephora)
Magnetic Polish
What it is:
A revolutionary magnetic nail lacquer used to create stunning 3D nail art designs in chic metallic shades.

What it does:
Get the wow factor with this revolutionary polish that lets you create gorgeous nail art effects in just a few minutes using nails inc. Textured, special effects nails are big news for this season and the ultimate fashion and party accessory. Choose from three magnetic polishes named after iconic London attractions: Trafalgar Square (chrome), Houses of Parliament (purple), and Big Ben (gold).

What else you need to know:
This unique formula has been specially developed with metallic particles to create a pattern on the nail using magnetic forces. As the magnet is held over the nail, the iron powder in the formulation gravitates toward the magnet forming the pattern secretly hidden in the magnet for an astonishing finish. The magnet is included in the cap of the nail polish.

Big Ben

Houses of Parliament

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tarte for True Blood

When I saw the ad for this makeup collection about a month ago I was beyond excited. True Blood is one of my favorites and I am surprised it took this long for a makeup line to use the show for inspiration.  I just placed my order at Sephora and can't wait! The line includes an eye palette, blush, and lip color.

I haven't tried any products from Tarte other than eyeliner so this will be my introduction to the brand. Once I get the set I will post a review and lots of photos! And if you don't watch True Blood, what are you waiting for?!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

DuWop Isla Sirena....

I am really intrigued by a new line that is going to be released by DuWop. It's called Isla Sirena and is a collaboration between DuWop and Disney to coincide with the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Being a Disney freak, I have absolutely loved these movies.

For those of you who have not seen the latest film it features mermaids, one of which is named Syrena. This makeup collection has a lot of aquatic and neutral colors that will be great for summer. Unfortunately, it has no release date yet but I have found several photos online.

Isla Sirena Palette (Eyeshadows, Liners, Lip Tints)

Eyeshadow Duo

Cheek Color duos

Mermaid Mist
(Spray Tanner or Shimmer? Not sure)

I know there are more shades and other products included in this line but I have yet to find  photos of them. I'm really hoping I can get my hands on this soon!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hair Extensions

Just wondering if any of you have tried hair extensions. I have gotten some from Luxy and Hello Gorgeous.

The set from Hello Gorgeous was far better in color and quality, but I had to wait 6 weeks for them. I know they are made to order, but its kind of a downer.

The extensions from Luxy arrived within a week but with several clips broken.  I emailed them and it took them several weeks to send me clips which I will have to stitch on myself.

I would like to try a set from HeadKandy. Has anyone tried these?

Stanley Cup Finals!!!

Even though I am the ultimate girly girl, I still love hockey. So happy the B's have made it to the finals!

Go Bruins!  Epic game last night!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Your Thoughts Please!

I have wanted an Alexander McQueen skull scarf for a long time and have finally decided to bite the bullet and buy one. I am having such a difficult time decided what color to get....theres just too many choices. Here is the website with all the choices, Alexander McQueen Classics . This is a big purchase so I am taking my time deciding. But I think I have it narrowed down to these: 

Graphite on Grey

Aubergine on Lilac

Dark Beige on Beige

Grey on Dark Purple

Does anyone own one of these? What color would you get? Feel free to offer your opinions...