Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hair Extensions

Just wondering if any of you have tried hair extensions. I have gotten some from Luxy and Hello Gorgeous.

The set from Hello Gorgeous was far better in color and quality, but I had to wait 6 weeks for them. I know they are made to order, but its kind of a downer.

The extensions from Luxy arrived within a week but with several clips broken.  I emailed them and it took them several weeks to send me clips which I will have to stitch on myself.

I would like to try a set from HeadKandy. Has anyone tried these?


  1. Thanks Maria, it is good to know this as most celebrities won't even admit to having surgery! You look great and as long as you feel great as well thts all that matters! I will be doing a TOWIE blog soon! Take a look at my blog at http://rachel-boagey1991.blogspot.com/
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  2. Hey,
    I heard similar things about those companies...honestly i prefer http://www.celebritystrands.com they ship fast and the clips stay or really well...i haven't had any problems with Celebrity Strands.


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