Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Birthday Presents!!!

Today is my birthday and I got some wonderful gifts that I just had to share!!! I got several things from Papyrus which is a stationary shop. Two gorgeous mini-votive candles designed by Christopher Vine. These are part of a series and each candle has a different shoe design.

I also got a wine glass.  When I saw this online I had to have this. The store had several designs available but this one was perfect for me. The glass has "glamour" written on it with handbags, lipstick tubes and stars all over it!

And from another angle...

My favorite gift was my gorgeous Betsey Johnson watch.  It has a black leather snakeskin strap and a rose gold setting with a pave edge. I love how Betsey can take a men's style watch and make it glamorous and girlie!

From Victoria's Secret

Originally I was not a fan of cosmetics from VS as I found them to be of poor quality.  I still don't care for their mascara, liners, or lipsticks. Recently I got several eyeshadows from the Beauty Rush line and I am really liking them.  These are the baked shadow singles that were just released.  They are very shimmery, go on smooth, and don't have a lot of fallout.

Clockwise from top: Green Goddess, Pink Sand and Glow Gold

My favorite so far is Green Goddess. Its a gorgeous moss green with gold shimmer. These shadows have a fine shimmer as opposed to glitter which is good for those of us with easily irritated eyes.

I also got the Beauty Rush lip gloss in Mega Melon.  Its a peachy pink with gold shimmer. These glosses smell and taste great, very fruity!

Right now all of the products from the Beauty Rush line are on sale at Victoria's Secret... 4 for $20!!!

Just in time for Valentine's Day, VS has released Kissaholic LipGloss from their Booty Parlour line.  This is claimed to be a plumping gloss with an aphrodisiac effect.

  This gloss comes in three colors. Here is Tremble. The product looks really bright in the tube but is actually quite sheer with lots of pink shimmer.

My only complaint is the applicator.  Its a little brush and unfortunately the bristles seem to be going everywhere.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Things I am Loving Right Now!

Not much news here, so I have decided to do a post on some products I am currently enjoying. Some are new, others have been around for a while.

Firstly, I would like to start off with what I am NOT loving..... Snow and Ice.

We have had at least one major storm every week for the past month here in Massachusetts.  These photos are from 2 weeks ago so imagine about two more feet on to those snowbanks with a coat of ice on top.

On to more enjoyable things! This Valentine's Day Stila kit from Sephora is adorable.  The Make Me Blush set contains cheek color and two lip glazes. The blush has a multi heart design with various shades of pink flecked with gold shimmer.  The glosses have a creamy but sheer finish. Hugs is berry red with pink and gold shimmer and Kisses is a dusty rose pink.

Philosophy Bubbly Shower Gel

I am addicted to this body wash. Bubbly can also be used as a bubble bath or a shampoo.  It is such an uplifting, energizing fragrance.  The scent is kind of hard to describe. Slightly sweet, a bit of citrus and berry, and exactly like champagne but not like champagne at all. Does that make any sense? It smells like pink champagne tastes. That doesn't really make sense either. Just go buy it, you will like it!
Hello Kitty for Sephora Apple Balm

I picked this up on a whim since I love anything with a apple scent or flavor.  It's a moisturizing, glossy balm that gives off a sheer pink color. Staying power isn't that great. If you like Hello Kitty this would be a good addition to your collection.

I think I have finally found hair products that I am happy with. I have fine, naturally stick straight hair that goes flat very easily.  After years of trying different volumizing products, I have finally found some that work for me.

Got2b by Schwarzkopf  makes a great root booster and volumizing hairspray. I am trying to preserve my haircolor so I am shampooing everyother day. These products gave my hair tons of volume that lasted 48 hours. I was expecting it to turn greasy overnight but my hair looked even better on the second day. The best thing about these products is the price.  They are under $7 and are widely available in drug stores.  I had been spending tons of money on high end brandname products when these were right under my nose the whole time!