Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Birthday Presents!!!

Today is my birthday and I got some wonderful gifts that I just had to share!!! I got several things from Papyrus which is a stationary shop. Two gorgeous mini-votive candles designed by Christopher Vine. These are part of a series and each candle has a different shoe design.

I also got a wine glass.  When I saw this online I had to have this. The store had several designs available but this one was perfect for me. The glass has "glamour" written on it with handbags, lipstick tubes and stars all over it!

And from another angle...

My favorite gift was my gorgeous Betsey Johnson watch.  It has a black leather snakeskin strap and a rose gold setting with a pave edge. I love how Betsey can take a men's style watch and make it glamorous and girlie!


  1. Happy birthday! All of those gifts look lovely - I adore that wine glass! And that cake looks so yummy >.> Hope you had a brilliant birthday =D

  2. Happy birthday! hope you have a great day! xxx

  3. Happy Birthday, hope you had a lovely day. I love all your gifts. xoxo

  4. Happy Birthday I hope you had a really nice day and enjoyed all your gifts because I would have loved them for my birthday. I really want that watch now! x

  5. Happy belated birthday!! It looks like you got some amazing gifts! And that cake looks delicious!

    Thanks for following! I'm following you now as well!

  6. Happy belated Birthday! I love the wine glass!

  7. congratz! <3
    your presents look so amazing and stylish :)
    lovely blog,

  8. Hello!! I just love your blog! Very Stylish. I'm following you.
    I start to post a few days ago, visit my blog, and if you could, follow me back too. ok?
    Kisses :)

  9. Oh my goodness, Happy birthday (way belated!). I just about died when I saw your watch..its so lovely!! You lucky little thing :)
    your newest follower Hannah

  10. Happy Birthday, and those are fantastic presents! Love the wineglass!

  11. Super cute watch! I'v been eyeing some by Betsey myself. Keep up the blogging :)

  12. Happy Birthday!!

    Love your watch!!

    I am following you!

  13. those candles are too adorable
    and that WATCH! i love it! i have a betsey johnson watch also, all pink.
    super cute blog by the way


  14. Happy Happy Birthday! I hope u had an awesome day :)

    all ur gifts r lovely, lucky u!

  15. hope you had an amazing day!

    your cake looks lush!!!