Saturday, January 22, 2011

Michael Kors Very Hollywood Sparkling

I usually don't buy fragrances online without sampling them first, but I was just so in love with the bottle and the whole concept of the "old hollywood". I had tried the original MK Very Hollywood and found it to be a bit overwhelming with the strong notes of gardenia, so I was excited to see this had several fruity elements.

Here is Sephora's description:

Very Hollywood Sparkling Eau de Toilette
Call her the "It" girl. She's fun, fresh and independent with style all her own. In the know and on top of her game, she stands out in a crowd and sets the pace. Always ready for the flash of the paparazzi! She's fresh, she's Fabulous...she's Very Hollywood. A fun, sparkly, fruity version of the Eau de Parfum with the spotlight on black currant, neroli, and mandarin. Creating a youthful and lasting impression...the possibilities are endless!

Black Currant, Neroli, Mandarin.
Young. Fresh. Independent.

After wearing this fragrance for several weeks I got to say, I am just not feeling it.  I can barely pick up any of the fruity notes, all I can smell is florals.  I find heavy floral scents to be just too strong for my liking. I hate to say it but it borders on an old lady scent for me.

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